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How many of you have a love-hate relationship with food? Raise your hand, nod your head, smile to yourself. And even if you don’t right now, don’t lie to me that you never have because we all have at some point in our life. Whether it was when you were 5 years old and refused to finish your vegetables (probably just to piss your Mom off) or you’re 24 years old dealing with the constant battle of loving and hating the idea of eating, I promise you there will be a recipe and a story behind it here that will make you laugh, cry, or just enjoy!

I stumbled upon cooking, specifically the art of baking, at a time when learning proper nutrition for myself was essential to my (and my very patient family’s) well-being. Faced with a real job in a real apartment with real responsibilities (well not really real but felt real after that whole college stint), I became well, REALLY overwhelmed and took my anger out on the amazing thing we call, FOOD.

After a much needed step back from reality, I came to the conclusion that the real world did not have to be scary. Enter a decent kitchen, a roommate with some fancy kitchenware, and a girl with a desire to mend the broken heart that FOOD had caused.

This blog is for all the Ironic Chef’s out there. The people who stumble upon a passion for cooking and baking under unique circumstances. Maybe you’re new to REAL world, or you’re a newlywed determined to live up to an annoying mother-in-law’s “awesome” dinners, or a new dad suddenly faced with the challenge of “GASP” baking cookies! My hope is you will find a yummy recipe and an entertaining story behind each recipe. I’m a klutz who sings and dances while cooking away so don’t you fret, there will be plenty of anecdotes of my adventures baking in the ‘Boken.

So try my recipes out, add ingredients, reduce baking times, go craaaaazy! Just let me know how it goes and remember, have fun loving food 🙂