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We have some Irish visitors staying with us for a few days so we decided a Yankee game was a necessary must-do for their short stay here.  $25 a seat, front row of the top tier, was a bargain we just couldn’t resist. Coupled with the first 80 degree day in a loooong time and a Florida vacation on the horizon, we were in good spirits!

Has anyone been to the new Yankee Stadium?? Seriously, WHAT is with the posting of every single food and drink’s calorie count?!?!? REALLY?!?! who wants to know that?! I’m at Yankee Stadium – bring on the beers and hot dog, slathered in ketchup, THANK YOU!

I know some of you readers might be having a freak out at that but everything is ok in moderation. Yes, if I went to a baseball game every night and indulged in a hot dog and Bud Light that would not be healthy, but hey, when in rome!

Everything is fair game, just in moderation!

Had a healthy lunch before the game!

I made some good meals for our visitors over the past few days, but also started a new job so haven’t had a ton of time to write but a few posts will be coming, via poolside 🙂

I honestly hope anyone with past or current struggles can ignore and indulge, you only live once 🙂 But I want to hear your opinions:

What do you guys think about the calorie counts being displayed in NY?