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Back from a long weekend down in sunny Orlando, Florida! I feel like I’ve been on vacation for much longer than I really was because we had visitors at the apartment leading up to our trip down to the happiest place on earth! And Disney definitely got it right with that phrase. Forget the fact that the only Disney park we stepped foot in was Downtown Disney (yay to free parking and admission!) and Florida after a very very cold winter is DEFINITELY the best place on earth.

Some early morning runs, followed by yummy hotel breakfasts, which YES is very possible:

amazing what a tiny box of raisin bran can transform into!

Followed by either more relaxing by the pool

Mojitos & Margs

or checking out the new Harry Potter exhibit at Universal:

or maybe get a little competitive on the mini-golf course. 18 holes? sure. We’d like to play again, we’ve got a bet going now! Double or nothing – whoever wins has to buy whatever the other person wants at Downtown Disney. I’m happy to report I walked away with a new mug and Mickey t-shirt

taking mini-golf a bit too seriously

Obviously a hot day in Florida is not complete without a gorgeous mint chocolate chip ice cream from Ghiradelli

disappeared in like 10 seconds

And what vacation is not complete without a romantic dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant complete with a traveling opera troupe who literally sang at our table. Calamari, a massive salad, the greatest asiago bread everrr, and some hearty lasagna and suddenly i.was.in.a.food.coma.

calamari fresh from Italia 🙂

the never-ending but actually really did end salad bowl

whole garlic cloves immersed in EVOO...genius.

So this isn’t my usual blog of what I cooked for dinner tonight or last night, but it is a fairly quick recap of my food and fun adventures to Florida. Like I’ve said before, everything in moderation, a single meal will not kill you, indulgences should be savored (mmm bring me back to Ghiradelli) and life’s too short to not enjoy opera singers and asiago bread!

What did you guys get up to for this long weekend? Anyone have some good cooking or food adventures they’d like to share??