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Last week we had some visitors staying with us so I decided to cook a meal that would be easy but also tasty. Granted, fajitas are not exactly the easiest clean-up in the world (especially when you’re obsessive about having everything from shredded cheese to salsa in a matching bowl), but the fajitas were a hit and they were a total last-minute decision.

All you need are FAJITAS (duh!), chicken (or choice of protein), peppers, onions, avocado, and a big heaping of rice and beans. That last item came as the largest side from a local Cuban restaurant which the roomie and I ordered the night before.

Homemade Guac:

mash it up with a little lemon juice...

...and BAM homemade guac!

Then it’s time to cook your choice of protein: I did chicken (our visitors were from Ireland, didn’t think tofu or shrimp would really fly), but steak would also be good too!

sprinkle the chick/tofu/shrimp/steak with chili powder and saute the veggies

serve with rice, beans, cheese, tomatoes, salsa, guac - FIXIN's

And then get your significant other to do all the dishes while you try to translate “Irish” after a day of work, a hot run, preparing a meal for 4, and 2 glasses of wine. Yupp, I was asleep by 10 that night 🙂

Happy Eating!

What do you make when you’re having guests over for dinner or cocktails?