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Yoga along the Hudson River!

Happy Tuesday and almost happy hump day all! I finished today off with two of my favorite things: YOGA and FREE.

Yes, free yoga on the pier in Hoboken. Gorgeous backdrop of the NYC skyline while posing in Warrior 2. Tonight when the instructor said look towards the sky, I actually turned my head and saw a bright blue sky! Not the usual brown ceiling. It was ahhh-mazing! It was a bit hot at first but the warmth kept the muscles warm and the cool breeze off the Hudson River kept most of us from sweating.

Hello new york cityyyy

Fifty women and about 5 boyfriends who most likely got dragged there gathered in a city park on a warm Tuesday night, moving from warrior 2 to triangle to downward dog. Now that’s quite a sight to see, 50 butts raised high in the air. Lots of spandex, lots of bright way overpriced lululemon tops, but lots and lots of fun. I surprised myself by how easily I was able to truly let go at the end of class during savasana. I completely forgot that there were 49 other people around me, that I was in the middle of a park along the Hudson, that this class was FREEEEEEE. All I was focused on was letting go – forgetting all the what-if’s that @pumpedforpumpkin talked about today and just relaxing. Losing control. And loving it.

ah to be a kid again...

I’m not doing any elaborate cooking tonight thanks to some lovely leftover from Mama B, but I’ll post the recipe sometime soon. Rigatoni with eggplant bolognese sauce. It’s heating up right now but I’m pretty sure I already tried like a full cup of the addicting concoction. Ya know, just making sure it’s hot enough!

Here’s a great suggestion if you’re getting ready for the next day – a quick lunch that is healthy and yummy! Tuna salad with dried cranberries.

Mix the tuna, cranberries, garlic powder, and a dollop of mayo or olive oil. Stuff into a pita, I’m loving Thomas’s Sahara whole wheat pita’s right now, and enjoy! Try to shove some lettuce/tomato/cheese in there too if there’s room! This took me 5 mins to make before FREE YOGA. Making lunch for work/school is so much cheaper, healthier, and more fun in the kitchen!


stuff it in there!


Oh and if you haven’t been to a market in the past few days, check out these amazing blueberries. YUMM. And yes I just went through my day completely backwards! Just didn’t have time to take pictures of protein poppers, peanut butter pretzels, luna bars, and hummus crackers — all my favorite snacks! Enjoy!

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