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nothing like bright berries to start the day 🙂

Summer is finally here after possibly the longest, coldest winter I have ever experienced in my long life of 24 years!!! One of my favorite parts of summer is the fresh fruit, juicy melons, bright strawberries, 2 for $5 containers of blueberries (hello smoooothies!), and of course the unlimited supply of froyo and ice cream that the ‘Boken provides!

Summer also means big salads for dinner because the two windows in my apartment just do not keep the place cool enough when the oven is hot and roaring. Salad for dinner!? no way, that can’t be healthy for two rather active youngin’s (is that how you spell that word?? if it’s even a word?)

SUMMER SALADS THAT ACTUALLY FILL YOU UP (but still leave room for dessert)

flank steak and avocado, mmm MEAT!

with mixed veggies, feta cheese, and black beans. OH MY!

Now I know alot of readers are vegetarians or gluten-free or just completely against eating meat, so feel free to substitute the steak for any choice of protein: chicken, tofu, an extra helping of beans. For those of you who are meat eaters, flank steak is easy to cook (and cheap, holler!) and a little red meat boosts your iron count pretty significantly, which is great for you active people out there! I used the leftover steak for the roomie’s lunch, steak sandwich with mozzarella cheese and a little BBQ drizzled over it, now there’s someone with a good appetitie!

Not into red meat? Try this Honey-Mustard Pork & Quinoa Salad:

quinoa, pork, feta cheese...

marinated green beans, peppers, more veggies hiding in there somewhere

So what do you top your summer salads with? Meat, tofu, sweet potato, peanut butter?? No judgment here, spill the beans 🙂