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So I’ve been quite the busy bee lately and by the time I sit down for dinner (at around 9:15 pm) the last thing I’m thinking about is blogging, sorry! But I’ve continued to take pictures of what I’ve been cooking so here is an assortment of various recipes I’ve whipped up over the past week. Unfortunately, it is approximately 1 million degrees here so the oven is hibernating until a cold spell hits! As much as I LOVE baking, I would happily trade baking for warm weather all year round…and maybe some central air!

blueb pancakes, cheesy eggs, and a bagel...for the boys 🙂

We had a visitor last week who had been traveling around the country, needless to say he had not had a good feed in the past two months. So of course I took it upon myself to make him feel at home and full!

scrambled eggs with cheese...protein heaven!

After walking around the lovely  and quite steamy ‘Boken, we decided a few beers were necessary to cool off. Of course beers led to nachos and nachos led to NAP TIME! gotta love those lazy summer saturdays…

By Sunday though I was in the mood to whip up a nice dinner for the roomie and I. My go to site/magazine is almost always cooking light…always healthy and always tasty. Best part of this recipe was that it was easy and quick.

one pot cleaning...it was too hot for two burners!

Chopping, stirring, marinating – whew! All that brewed up a major snack craving and brief graze in the cheese aisle led to a nice little appetizer plate while I was cooking:

brie and gouda

cheese tastes best on fresh bread, but triscuits will do!

Back to cooking…and snacking…and cooking….

mix it all in with the potatoes, juicy...yummy!

Now the mashed potatoes were a bit more difficult than the pork recipe, not difficult in this is too hard for me to do, difficult in my arms were sore the next day! Lots of mashing later and we had some whipped potatoes to go with the pork.

it's taken me a while to admit this, but potatoes will NOT kill you!

especially when they go so nicely with fresh peppers

And of course, what Sunday meal isn’t complete without a little SPLURGE…aka dulce de leche cheesecake with a massive strawberry on top:

absolutely sumptuous

I’ve got about ten other pictures/recipes to post but i’m getting quite drowsy so that will have to wait. But to add in one more thing: The roomie and I did a 5k last night (yes it was 95 and humid) but it was fun and the roomie won the race so that was kinda cool!

yea signed up at 9 pm the night before the race

The course was out and back so I got to cheer on that awesome winner as I *struggled* through mile 2! It was definitely something different for us to do on a Tuesday night, always like to change it up a little.

anyone else a die hard Asics wearer?

aaaaaaaand I’m done. more recipes to follow tomorrow!

Anyone have any good races coming up?

What’s your favorite cheese to snack on??