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helloooo bbq chicken pizza!

Yesterday was full of experiments and adventure, to say the least. Despite living right across the river from this awesome city:

new york new york

I have never ventured into the eccentric, up and coming borough of:


After a PATH train ride and a brief stint on the F line, we were in DUMBO…ready to take on the eclectic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. The afternoon was hot and sticky…REALLY hot and sticky…but we persisted and saw quite a few different areas of Brooklyn. Some I might venture back to, others I’ll happily mark that off my list of places in Brooklyn I do not feel compelled to return to.

always ready to head back to Manhattan!

To top off the day of adventure, I decided to embark on a culinary adventure of using pizza dough for one of my yummy pizzas. I normally use a Pillsbury thin crust for my pizzas but *gasp* the store was all out by the time I hit it up on a Sunday night. Seriously, how many other crazies out there turned their oven on last night?? It was 90 degrees out there people, are you nuts?! I know I am, but everyone else??

But of course we had some appetizers after our tour of Brooklyn. Loving this greek-yogurt based spinach dip on Kavli crackers and of course, Tribe hummus. This one is the forty spices, very spicy, all forty flavors of it!

Cedar's and Tribe - good pre-dinner snacks!

rich n' creamy, but in a good yummy yogurt-y way

Anywho, the pizza dough just WOULD NOT stretch out:


So the b/f very kindly ran out to the store to grab a crust, Mama Mary’s, my new favorite pizza crust. Not too soft, not too crunchy, just RIGHT! I followed the BBQ chicken and blue cheese recipe from the most recent edition of Cooking Light. Almost every single dinner I make comes from or is a by-product of that magazine. Thanks Mom for the subscription!

stir up some chicken strips, peppers, and onions...

BBQ Sauce on the crust, layer with the chicken and veggie mixture, top with 2 thinly sliced plum tomatoes and sprinkle with Asiago cheese. Bake for 15 minutes and whammy…you’ve got awesome bbq chicken pizza, which we ended up eating at 10 pm haha!

holy moly it was ahhhhhhmazing

get a nice whiff of that 🙂

So it was a super sunday, super HOT, super subways, super adventure, super thirsty, and SUPER eats.

Do you guys get frustrated when something doesn’t go right in the kitchen? 

At first I was upset about the pizza dough, but it totally was NOT the end of the world. 5 minutes later, the boyfriend had pizza crust for me and my pizza was back on track. Meltdown…avoided!

Anyone know some good areas of Brooklyn to check out??  Precise directions would be appreciated 🙂