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Hello all! Life has been busy so by the time I plop down on the couch at 9 pm to eat my dinner, the last hing I’m thinking of is hmmm i think I’ll blog about this. HOWEVER, I do still love taking pictures of what I cook so I will take you through a tour of my kitchen adventures via my Nikon camera:

But first and foremost: is there ANYTHING better than a fresh jar of peanut butter??? Ripping open that stupid paper top and sticking your finger in for a nice big swoop of peanut butter. Don’t even try to say you’re classy and you go for the spoon, all TRUE peanut butter lovers dive right in with their *GASP* finger!


I could eat pretty much anything if it has peanut butter on it, but my new discovery is mixing some peanut butter in my yogurt & granola

and two long lost lovers??

yogurt, almonds, raisins.









Well I’ve digressed from my original reason for posting: DINNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It’s my favorite meal to cook and the one meal I probably spend the most time (and money) dedicated to its preparation. I plan my dinners on Sunday before I go to the grocery store and buy whatever I need up until Friday. But I stocked up on a ton of great products at Target so my freezer has been the creator of many new dishes.

spicy shrimp salad...courtesy of Cooking Light!

I thought CL magazine would appreciate that close up! Shrimp & Bean Salad

I always have chicken sausage, typically Al Fresco!, in the freezer and some penne in the pantry so here’s a go-to meal on a busy weeknight

leftover snowpeas add an awesome crunch!

Target has this great bag of salmon fillets that I stocked up last weekend. Salmon + veggies + couscous = easy & dynamite dinner! The Near East brand has a ton of different flavors, everything from plain to whole gran, but the parmesan garlic has the most flavor.

bake the salmon WITH the tomatoes on the fillet

But it’s been way too hot to bake so we’ve been resorting to eating cookies I stored in the freezer OR the amazing chocolate chip cookies from the Shop Rite bakery.  Shop Rite is about 10 long blocks away from my apartment so I can’t always do my full grocery shopping there and walk back. But when I have a lovely and strong helper with me, I always stock up on their awesome produce, meats, and baked goods. Seriously, A&P just cannot compare.

still good straight from the freezer

We got hit with a pretty bad heat wave here in the ‘Boken so the oven was off for a few days. Therefore, a few of our meals were massive salads with crunchy baguettes alongside.


asian chicken salad, Cooking Light

Cooking light has some of the best summer salads. They are easy to make and lots of times you can substitute other items for what you don’t have. I used frozen cooked chicken strips and added roasted peanuts. Check out the Asian Chicken Salad!

After a salad dinner though, I made sure to have the b/f’s favorite ice cream on hand, chocolate chip cookie dough!!! YUM! (even better with a scoop of peanut butter on top!)

top with more cookie dough bites??

So I’ve made some awesome dinners the past few days and turned my oven on maybe, twice?! It’s amazing how creative you can get with a stuffed freezer of meat and veggies and some pasta or rice.

But tonight…i’m exhausted, the oven is on and the homemade pizza is in the oven


Where do you do your grocery shopping?? I’m devoted to Shop Rite but A&P is much closer when I need to walk back by myself with all those bags of goodies!

What has been your favorite dinner this week? The chicken sausage penne last night!