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Hola! Happy weekend…finally! So far the most cooking I’ve done this weekend is this piece of toast sitting next to me right now. Last night we went into the city for a happy hour with some friends. What happy hour doesn’t end with 2 slices of lovely NY pizza?? Followed by a deep sleep. the end. heaven.

I got out a little early on Thursday from work (5:30 pm wooo!) so ventured to the Uptown Farmers Market in the ‘Boken. The stalls were amazing, mostly veggies and fresh bread, but that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Farmers Market Sandwiches

3 TB balsamic vinegar

1 TB olive oil

garlic powder – sprinkle

1/2 package of goat cheese (about 2-3 oz)

Assorted veggies – use whatever you like! I bought zucchini, green peppers, orange peppers, purple peppers, eggplant, and onions. I used the first three, I’ll be sure to post what I end up doing with the rest of the veggies and a detailed explanation on what PURPLE peppers taste like!

chop the veggies for good sammie layering

Heat up skillet/wok/frying pan to sautee the veggies before layering on the sandwiches. I don’t have a grill so I used the skillet then the George Foreman, but these sandwiches would certainly be great on the grill too!

orange peppers?? who knew!

you'll probably need two pans to get all those veggies in

My boyfriend despises onions so I threw in a few just for me, LOVEEE onions! Isn’t he such an odd one, doesn’t like peanut butter OR onions!!! …peanut butter covered onions?? hmm i love PB but that sounds disgusting

combine the EVOO and Bals Vinegar with a sprinkle of garlic

Make sure before you start sauteeing the veggies that you coat that pan with cooking spray or olive oil. I’m trying to incorporate more healthy fat into the diet so i drizzled about 1 TB olive oil in each pan.Once the veggies start to brown a little, lower the pans to low and drizzle the dressing over all the veggies. Save a little dressing for dipping the sandwich in!

Meanwhile, spread the goat cheese on the tops and bottoms of each roll:

$4 for this baby, but worth every penny!

The layer the browned veggies onto the bottom half of the rolls. Spray the Georgie with a good mist of cooking spray, place sandwich on the grill, top with other half the roll and give the rolls a little spray of cooking spray too to prevent sticking.

my city alternative to a grill

Heat on the grill for about 10 mins or until the rolls start to get nice and crispy. Just keep pushing hte veggies back in if they fall out….or eat them when your significant other isn’t looking!

look at the hunker of a pepper!





serve with beans, Bush's baked beans are sooo yummy with the brown sugar!










These sandwiches were easy to do and very filling, a great alternative to meaty sandwiches.

What’s your favorite sandwich?? These were extremely tasty but I love grilled chicken and avocado sammies too!

Any good ideas for other things to cook on my Georgie??