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waiting for dinner to cook….yupp it’s 9:15 PM and I’m waiting for dinner to finish. I’m making ricotta stuffed chicken tonight, but didn’t start til about 8:30 sooo it’s going to be a late night. I decided to do yoga in the park again tonight, such a beautiful night for it!

After a rainy few days, the skies finally cleared and I got a little down dog and warrior poses in looking out onto the NYC skyline, jealous??

Maybe not of my yoga ventures but who wouldn’t be jealous of this amazing rainy Sunday brunch:

a very hearty sunday brunch

What is in that pocket of eggy yumminess??

bacooooooooooon! it's bacooooooooon! (dog commercial??)

tomatoes, green pepper, chopped bacon

let the eggs set

cover with cheddar cheese, lots of it if you've got a hungry irish runner boyfriend

And enjoy with bagel, toast, or your side of choice…a side of homefries would have made this truly a straight-from-the-diner meal but no potatoes so OH WELL!

look at all those veggies - YUM!

Ok dinner is almost ready and Masterchef is on! Tomorrow I’ll post eggplant pomodoro and my weekend excursion to Governor’s Island.

What do you make for Sunday Brunch??

Do you get anxious when you have to eat dinner late?