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Hello there! I’m back! Life got in the way these past few months so blogging got a backseat to every other event that was going on. The last time I posted, there was an earthquake shaking up my office. One natural disaster led to another when Hurricane Irene descended upon Hoboken and released buckets and buckets of water into the streets AND my apartment!

no walls, no floors, ruined furniture

We came home to a mess of an apartment the day after our family vacation in Maine. Despite the lack of power for most of the vacation, it ended on a high note when my boyfriend proposed to me during a romantic lunch on a deserted island!

Our Engagement Announcement photo!

The past three months have been a complete whirlwhind of events. We planned the major parts of our wedding, booked a venue, sent out save the dates, found a dress, planned our wedding party, all while moving out of our flooded apartment and moving in with my family. If anyone had asked me how I pictured my first months as a fiance I certainly would not have mentioned mildew clothes, couches filled with water, and the death of half my shoe collection. But in the end, it was God’s plan for us so we took it in stride and I honestly believe it made us stronger as a couple. Now, we’re settled into a brand-new apartment (with our own balcony!) and on the top floor of a new building – don’t even try us Mother Nature!

Throughout all this, one of the things I missed the most was cooking in my own place. My mother is an amazing cook so I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t half bad to come home to her awesome meals after a long day of work. I missed my apartment, but hey, we ate like kings and had the best company to keep our spirits bright.

typical breakfast of cereal, berries, and almonds

tuna with cranberries in a pita

massive salads with yummy avocadosnever fail dinner of turkey meatballs and pasta

pre-dinner snacks almost every night while my parents put us up

life was crazy but there's always cookies 🙂

Now that we’ve settled in to our new place you’ll be hearing more from me from my new kitchen, some restaurant reviews from our new town, and some insight into wedding planning with 6 months to go! Thanks for stopping by again!


Cheers to new beginnings!