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What is so great about a crock-pot? The fact that you literally throw all your ingredients, spices, and sauces into a large pot for the entire day and do virtually nothing once it’s ready – that is what is so great about a crock pot!

We got an All-Clad stainless steel crock pot from my Grandma for our engagement and I finally put it to use this past Sunday with pulled pork sandwiches.

pork butt with terriyaki sauce and pineapple juice

While the lad was putting together our entertainment center for the living room, I decided to whip up a batch of cookies for dessert. Has anyone ever put a little nutmeg in with the dry ingredients? It’s great! The cookies taste like Christmas 🙂

shredding the pork after 9 hours

I only have one cookie rack at the moment, don’t worry there’s one on the wedding registry so I don’t have to cool my cookies on paper towels anymore!

I cooked a 6 lb pork butt for the sandwiches, after all was said and done, we have enough meat for 3 whole meals plus probably two lunches, amazing time management there!

pork should shred easily with a fork and knife

let it cool before you refrigerate or freeze leftovers, i portioned them out for meals as well

Tonight I am just doing a quick chicken stir-fry and we’re going to decorate our first christmas tree together!

Time to decoarte this baby!

Did you decorate your Christmas Tree yet?

Any good recipes for my new slow cooker??