Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a more relaxing week than I did, work was so busy and two holiday parties at the beginning of the week just made it feel endless!

Busy nights after work mean early mornings at the gym or out on the roads. Now that I joined the gym next door, I’ve been trying to add more strength training into my routine. I’ve found some great workouts in fitness magazines, but I like to take the best exercises and fuse them into my own workout

Here’s a great Kettlebell Total Body workout:

Kettlebell Workout
Exercise Explanation Wt. Reps Sets
1 Swing with Leg Raise Hold KB with both hands, squat, swing KB overhead and raise right leg, do same on left side (1 rep) 10 lbs 15 3
2 Side Lunge with Biceps Curl Hold KB in right hand, side lunge to the left, curl up to left shoulder, repeat opposite side 10 lbs 15 3
3 Squat with Rotational Press Up Hold KB with both hands, squat, rotate feet and torso to the left, press KB over left shoulder, repeat opposite side 10 lbs 15 3
4 Squat, thread, chest row With KB in right hand, lunge forward, thread KB through legs, step back to center, row KB up to chest, repeat on opposite side 10 lbs 15 3
5 Lunge, tricep row on both sides Lunge forward with left leg, tricep row to 90° angle, repeat on right side 12 lbs 12 3
6 Narrow squat with overhead tricep extension Stand with feet together, squat like sitting in chair, hold KB with both hands behind head, tricep extend and lower 12 lbs 12 3
7 Boat pose with kettlebell twist Sit on mat with KB in both hands, lean back to boat pose, twist to right, twist to left (1 rep) 10 – 12 lbs 12 3

Let me know what you think!

Now on to some slightly boring eats. Since it’s been busy at night we’ve been doing lots of leftovers: pulled porks sandwiches, leftover “leftover” turkey chili, and probably do pizza tonight. Well next week should be less busy so I can get my cook on!

cereal with almonds, frozen strawbs, and raisins

salad with steak and avocado, make extra for lunch the next day!

chicken, sweet potato, and zucchini in a honey-soy glaze.

And for Friday night, it’s going to be a little bit of this:

R&C - just happens to be our initials too!

And some pizza!

homemade bbq chicken pizza

Do you work out with kettlebells? Now I will!

What is your friday night ritual? Pizza, drinks, movie, pass out, deep sleep 🙂