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Four more hours left in the weekend and I’m going to be making the most out of those four hours by decorating our tree, eating crock-pot chili, sipping on some wine, and indulging in fudgy brownies. BAM!

The lad and I just decorated our tree which took a whole 5 minutes, hah! One box of ornaments doesn’t last very long on a 6 foot tree, but we’ll build up our ornament stash in the years to come.

presents to be shipped off to Ireland tomorrow

Our tree is a beginner tree, doesn’t quite compare to my parent’s awesome tree:

i wonder if my rigatoni-angel is hanging on there somewhere...

On to the weekend of eats and exercises! I ventured to the mall on Saturday with one of my best friends (and bridesmaid!) to tackle some of our Christmas shopping. As you noticed in the picture above, I was pretty successful but man was it tiring! We decided to take a lunch break at Joe’s American Bar & Grill and indulged ourselves with their Back Bay Sangria and some cobb salads. Obviously I snapped a pic of the goblet of wine, but failed to get a pic of the lunch. The sangria was fruity but not too sweet and it definitely had a good kick to it, oh yea!

lots of fresh fruit in that pink concoction

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday so we headed over to the rents house for some cheese and cocktails before heading out to Allendale Bar & Grill

We all enjoyed some chili nachos followed by burgers and fries for most of us. And no I was not that person that took pictures of her food at dinner. I’m into blogging, but not THAT into it. I’d rather just sit back and enjoy a great meal with my awesome family 🙂

This morning I decided to get my workout on before brunch. The gym is so quiet on Sunday mornings so it was nice to jump on and off the machines, but the people watching just is not the same.

Workout: 30 minutes easy on the Elliptical, followed by 15 minutes on the bike.

15-min Interval Bike Workout: Warm up easy for 5 minutes, Sprint & Increase Resistance for 1 minutes, easy spin for 1 minute. Repeat 4-5 times and do a short cool down. Wipe puddles of sweat off the bike.

This morning my bike must have had a piece missing or needed a little oiling because every time I started spinning real fast it would make this really loud whizzing sound! I thought I was going to lift off, it sounded like a helicopter!

Arm Workout:

  1. Side arm raises, keep arms straight and raise weights parallel to shoulder, lower, repeat 15 times – 5 lbs
  2. Front arm raises, repeat same as above. – 5 lbs
  3. Bicep curls, 15 reps – 8 lbs
  4. Bicep rows, bend at wait and do a front arm row up to shoulders, 15 reps – 8 lbs
  5. Overhead press, raise weighs over head and lower back down to shoulders, 15 reps – 8 lbs
  6. Tricep extension, weight behind head, raise up and over head, 15 reps – 10 lbs
  7. Rows, front lunge and row up to 90 degree angle, repeat opposite side – 15 reps – 12 lbs
  8. Chest press, lie down on bench or mat, press weights up and over head to chest press, 15 reps – 8 lbs

Repeat circuit 2-3 times, depending on how tired pumped up you are!

Came home and treated the lad to a yummy brunch of chocolate chip whole-wheat pancakes, mine with peanut butter on top. The lad never had peanut butter before he came over to the US of A and even now just the smell of it makes him gag! Unbelievable!

Hungry jack mix + water = quick brunch!

choco chip wheat pancakes for the lad (he didn't even know they were whole wheat...shhhh! 🙂

wheat pancakes with PB and syrup, YUM!

And now we’re going to dig in to some crock-pot chili, followed by brownies. Recipes to follow tomorrow! Happy weekend all!!