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I never really joined the party of What I Ate Wednesday because I mostly just take pictures of dinner since that is when I get most creative with my recipes. I hardly ever snap photos of breakfast and lunch because they’re usually eaten in my boring lovely little cubicle. However, today I decided to join this WIAW party and show you What I Wish (I) Ate Wednesday. Basically, I wish it was Saturday or Sunday so I could indulge in these eats from the comfort of my couch 🙂 Enjoy!

Trader Joes brown sugar shredded wheat with fruit & Mickey Mug of coffee
Egg sandwich with colby jack on a raisin bagel and authentic Irish rashers (for the lad!)

Followed by countless hours of TV, movies, blogging, reading, possible run or trip to the gym, maybe some shopping and then a late lunch at a local cafe or pub. Oh how time flies when you’re sipping on this

Wish I could have a Guinness on a regular Wednesday!

My wishful Wednesday would continue with a yummy bowl of French Onion soup, covered in cheeeeeeeeeese

After a lazy *wishful Wednesday*, a nap might be necessary or more movie watching or if you were lucky enough to have 60 degree weather this past weekend a long stroll through the new neighborhood. All of this would be followed by some more FOOD of course! Maybe dinner out with some friends / family, maybe some frozen pizza, or head out order in some Sushi! Either way it would NOT be a go-to weeknight meal of salmon or stir-fries!

Mom’s Meatball Pizza!
Or maybe out for some sushi and general tso’s

And of course gotta balance it all with a yummy side salad with fresh veggies because on my wishful Wednesday (which is really Saturday or Sunday if you haven’t caught on yet…) I would have went to the grocery store already.

mixed greens with banana peppers and massive croutons

So there you have it, this is what I WISH i ate on Wednesday. Rather, I most likely ate yogurt with Trader Joe’s trail mix, an apple and peanut butter, salad with fresh veggies and leftover meat/shrimp, granola bar, and …some leftover orange stew!

What do you WISH you ate today?