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What’s worse than being sick? That halfway point between feeling great, 100% and just feeling blahhh. I came down with a cold this week and it’s making me cough and has blessed me with a sore throat, but I’m not totally out of it or feel run down, just tired. But who isn’t tired at the end of a long day of work during the first full week of work in a month! Ah, I’ll get over it! Some rest, lots of tea, plenty of Emergen-C and some “sick” dinners and I’ll be up and running in no time!

So what’s a girl to do when she loves to cook, but isn’t in the creative mood to try out recipes?

Grilled Cheese and Soup!
How many grilled cheese’s can you get on your Foreman??

Campbell’s Select Harvest soups are a great go-to dinner when paired with some hearty grilled Cheese’s and they come in regular or light if you’re looking to keep it a lighter dinner. We had Southwestern Chili Cheese & Potato and the Maryland Crab & Corn Chowder…YUM! Perfect for ample grilled cheese dipping.

Cheese oozing out of wheat bakery bread with a side of Grandma’s homemade mustard

Still not feeling well the next night? Just do what you know you can do with your eyes closed, a meal that you make frequently enough that there’s no recipe needed! I usually have salmon on Monday nights so to have it on ANY other night really threw the lad off…What night is it?! he asked.

Season the salmon with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and top with sliced tomatoes. Season asparagus with a little EVOO, salt, and pepper. Bake (on same sheet to save tin foil, haha!) on 400 for 20 minutes or until salmon is done to your liking.

I kinda forgot that the fiance doesn’t like fish and only had a small chicken breast in the fridge. Ah! This fake cold is making me not think straight. I surprised myself and whipped up an awesome new pasta dish in no time.

Dinner for the lad

Cook the chicken breast, slicing it into chunk at the end of cooking. Slice up the roasted asparagus. Cook a pot of your favorite pasta and heat up some leftover sauce. Stir it all together in the pasta pat and Voila! Dinner is done.

Grilled Chicken & Asparagus Penne

I cooked up some quinoa that I’ve had in the pantry for a while and threw some extra sauce and shredded romano cheese on top, yum! I made enough quinoa to last the whole week for lunch.

Tip: When you’re cooking dinner, make extra for lunch the next day and set it aside in a tupperware container so you or your significant other don’t polish it off! I usually don’t have a ton of extra protein (fish, chicken, etc) but I try to cook extra grains and veggies to put on top of salads. Just throw together the salad while your dinner is cooking.

Salad with Quinoa, carrots, blue cheese and the lad’s deli-quality sandwich 🙂

So it wasn’t the best week of cooking for me, but it certainly wasn’t the worst! I’m proud to say I still got a bit creative with my same ‘ol weeknight recipes by adding new ingredients (quinoa, blue cheese crumbles!) or just being adventurous enough to go with the flow and make my own recipe!

What do you make for dinner when you’re feeling sick?