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How is everyone’s week going? Hanging in there? I’ve had some crazy busy days at work, followed by busy nights so my dinners the past few weeks are not exactly creative and interesting. Honestly, there is nothing easier than homemade leftovers right out of the freezer, especially when it’s a big batch of Super Bowl turkey chili or Trader Joe’s turkey burgers (thanks, Mom!), anyone notice I like me some turkey!?

Another great meal after a long day is straight from the freezer, Trader Joe’s Turkey burgers and Alexia sweet potato waffle fries <– these babies are AHHH-mazing! Even Richie liked them and he is a devoted REGULAR potato fan so that says alot!

 Easy and healthy and simple enough for your significant other to do! Try ’em and you will not be disappointed.

I did get a little creative this morning with my crock pot and this lovely beef stew is waiting for us to devour:

Have you tried the Trader Joe’s frozen turkey, veggie, or Kobe burgers?